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- Headshot: 40 points
- Bust shot: 60 points
- Half body: 80 points
- Full body: 100 points

- Headshot: 80 points
- Bust shot: 100 points
- Half body: 160 points
- Full body: 200 points

Cell shaded:
- Headshot: 100 points
- Bust shot: 160 points
- Half body: 200 points
- Full body: 320 points

"Fake screenshot" or -with Background:
- Bust shot: 200 points
- Half body: 320 points
- Full body: 400 points

I can draw:
- Humans
- OCs

I'm ok with...(meaning I can kinda draw it but not that good in my opinion):
- Male humans
- Furries
- Backgrounds
- Animals

I can't draw:
- Dragons
- Sonic characters
- Robots

I won't draw:

And please...PLEASE, when you want me to draw something/someone, have a reference sheet of it or a picture of it. Don't try to describe it, cause I'm stupid, and it'll create a scenario where you're not pleased with the result and I'm disappointed at myself cause I failed! wouldn't want that....

And uhm...sorry that I'm only able to provide so little samples....I still don't know how to insert multiple pictures AND in the order you want.....anyone know? Help me TT_TTCOMMISSION [OPEN] by DaW3IrD0
Happy birthday to me I guess...
Guess who's a teen... by DaW3IrD0
Just a mini  random comic*cough* by DaW3IrD0